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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

11 April 2017

You Cannot Be Syrious

Following Trump and Syria, some points I have not seen others make, or emphasize correctly.

- misuse of vital interests. I've mentioned before I had a college professor yell at me for making this mistake, so I remember it. Vital means life or death, nothing short of that. Trump said we have vital interests in Syria. We do not. Our vital interest is avoiding a nuclear exchange with increasingly pissed off Russia.

- what is a man's response to Syria? A man's first concern would be to establish the facts. We know about the WMD lies that led to Iraq - and the deaths of a million Iraqis and thousands of Americans. It appears the (((left))) has learned the lesson, you dont even need to send SS Nimrat or some other clown to UN to harangue-lie, just present a few pictures. An American president acting correctly should hold his water until the facts are established. Trump, apparently listening to bad advice from his jew in-law and jew-convert daughter, decided to go the emotional route, like a woman or weak man. There is no proof anyone was gassed; there is no proof Sarin was used. Standing up at a podium and asserting that impresses no one. Men use a thing called pattern recognition. We have seen the (((left))) make up lies like this before, therefore until it is proven these people are not lying about Gas-Babies, it must be assumed they are. Just as they were lying about Incubator-Babies in Iraq. Russia and Assad both asserted they had nothing to do with the gassing, it occurred when stocks held by rebels (backed and supplied by USA and Israel) were bombed. This is the most plausible explanation. With the war close to being won in the field, Assad would not risk the one thing that would give his jewish enemies the ammunition they need to destroy him. The Americans and neocons have mere assertion on their side; actual credibility lies with Putin, Assad, and the Russian military, who are the only sober adult men in the picture. There is no reason to believe what American jews (and their goycucks) promote, and every reason to believe they are lying.

- I'm disappointed Trump listened to others rather than following his instincts. No president would have shrewdly remarked or hinted that the jews were probably the ones behind these threats to synagogues; if Trump is that hip to reality, he surely must understand the forces attempting to destroy Syria (and Iran...and bring Russia to heel), their motivation and long-term planning. Yet he goes with the obvious cheap false murderous emo-response.

- Vox Day hints Trump may be doing this as a ruse to cover a co-operation with China to do something about North Korea. I highly doubt it. There's seldom much more than appears to these things. The jewish agenda has been known for 100 years, at least since the Protocols, but actually since the Talmud. Rothschilds (today), Soros, the neocons, their tools - all indications point the same way, it's impossible to be confused about what's going on. The alt-right makes the mistake, as white people generally do, of not being specific enough. The problem is jews. Not neocons, zionists, globalists, those are all secondary, derivative, and continually to use those terms is politically wrong. The focus must be on the jew, "the world's foremost problem," as Henry Ford said 100 years ago. I don't believe it's 100% Trump has abandoned America First. He plays slap and tickle throughout his campaign, it's clearly a strategy of his, I think instinctive, to give and take. And that way of thinking also explains why he lets his advisors and subordinates go off at odds. He enjoys and knows how to work confusion and cloudiness. The key is what he actually does in Syria with regard to introducing troops. I believe Putin when he says next time there will be consequences. I hope Trump does too.

- what Assad and Putin must do is redouble efforts to destroy Isis, which Trump was in line with before the election. Once that problem is finished off, it will be far harder for International Jew to unseat the democratically elected and popular leader, especially with Russia's strengthened backing.

- Trump's generation has an obsession with appearing tough. Which is not the same thing as being tough. This is a non-jew aspect of the equation. People like Cat Lady Mattis and Mendace McMaster appear tough and hard-headed and credible to Trump and his generation's mentality, even though the reality is they are self-seeking liars. The jews and McMasters know the average America is a peasant-descended coward. He get vicarious Christabel Matthews-level leg-quivers from watching Our Paid Heroes blow up innocent people with fireworks. This proves America is Tuff. And since he's an American, he's tuff too. Football isn't back for another six months, so a nice new war would be great armchair entertainment, and the best thing for ratings too, from the fake-news (Fox + CNN) perspective.

- the bottom line is this affair reveals how completely the American government is controlled by jews. Until that control is openly contested, we'll remain at the level of frog memes. We need a political vehicle, not necessarily a party, but incorporating one at a point, that is both pro-White and anti-jew. Nothing less will do. As I said 20 years ago, remains true, there is no way out but through the jew. Trump never once made direct appeal to Whites. He did make direct appeals to literally every other group with more than ten members: jews, blacks, browns, sex deviants, etc. The age of proxies draws to a close. Trump has done more for the white movement, even against his intention, than anyone in two decades. The forces he ginned grow stronger daily - the time is ripe for someone to lead a physical defence force that in time produces a political-social party.

- Fake News. In theory media work like this: they give you the facts. They place them in context. Context means giving you pertinent background, if it exists. If you have a fire, there's no real context. But if you have something like the purported Sarin gassings, you would, if you were honestly trying to help the reader understand, explain that this sort of claim has been made before (and found bogus) - not just the Iraqi incubator story, later revealed a lie, but that a report appeared in multiple places in January of 2013:


U.S. 'backed plan to launch chemical weapon attack on Syria and blame it on Assad's regime'
Leaked emails from defense contractor refers to chemical weapons saying 'the idea is approved by Washington'
But this context is never provided by the lockstep media, the jew-controlled media, the lying media, the Judenpresse, the Luegenpresse, the junk media. Rather, it is dug out of the archives by truth seekers.

As I have said for 20 years, you have to fight the media for the story. The (((mass media))) aren't reporters but misleaders and obscurers.

A genuinely free media would report the claims about Assad and gassing, but it would dig into what was actually known versus claimed, and it would bring out the pattern at work - some force is trying to destroy Assad by making up lies about him. Who could that be? Well, a few dozen jews and a couple goyim signed off on a paper that talked about regime change in the middle east to the advantage of Israel - changing seven governments in five years. All accomplished save for Syria and Iran. It is obvious to the meanest intelligence that what is going on in Syria is a continuation not of this conspiracy but of this openly, publicly admitted plan. The neocons, the honest media would say, lost the election, but that doesn't mean they're not prepared to win the administration, and getting Trump to sign off on an unwarranted attack is a good first step.

But we don't have an honest media, we have a jewish media. It puts politics ahead of profits, as I have proved a million times over, though none acknowledge it. The media can advance the jewish agenda, and boost profits by stimulating wars-for-Israel, and getting Trump to bomb Syria based on false pretext shows the jews and neocons maintain substantial influence with a man who campaigned on the slogan America First.

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