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13 April 2017

Notes: Ebook versions of 200 Years Together, Solzhenitsyn's book about Russia and jews, now fully translated into English. Gold surged into 1280s, ended at 1288. Silver closed 18.56. Remember those Italian guys busted for Holo-truthing? Update on them at Codoh. I guess they should have just stepped over it. I have not watched this, but it appears to be a video about jews and how they're messing up the world, based on E. Michael Jones's The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit: "
." Discusses SeeKut JooDayIs Non (Sicut Judaeis Non, the catholic church's policy toward jews lo these last 1000 years). SJN has failed, but Jones won't admit that because the church denies biology - by policy.

Racialists Too Often Don't See
It's not just race "they" or "the powers that be" or "ZOG" lie about. It's everything. Name one thing the USG does effectively? Manage money? We're 19,000,000,000,000 in debt. Run wars? When do we ever win? Defend the borders? We don't. Run a health care system? The cost has done nothing but spiral as government control has spread. Anything depicted by the government as bad is good. This starts but doesn't end with white men. It includes red meat, markets, businessmen. All depicted as bad by the government but actually good. Gigantic centralized government unmans the population: it takes all real personal authority away from the man and vests it in the state. Then there's the sexual element. The government destroys families by making their continued existence depend on the whims of illogical, easily manipulated women. Only those of exceptional character can keep families intact. Normal people mostly cannot. The second the woman decides she's unhappy, she has a full array of state agencies and laws backing her bad decisions, and forcing the man to subsidize them. This has led to the growth of MGTOW, which is quite an interesting development: a rational male response to The Legal Infrastructure As I Found It, is how I'd describe it. People say feminism is dead but in fact it is presupposed in all law now; it is the default assumption in society, in the middle class. Deferring to women is wrong, though. Women not submitted to men are a social menace, on the whole. There are women who can run their own lives, but they are a minority. We sometimes get obsessed with race to the point we miss certain things. Step back and look at society today - we the people basically exist to serve the federal government. It certainly doesn't exist to serve us. We are hectored and encouraged at every step to worship and support people we are already taxed heavily to subsidize. Every type of government employee is treated as a hero who has devoted his life to public service. Think about it. It's not just military. It's cops. It's teachers. It's firemen. We pay the salaries of these generally worthless occupations - and then we are encouraged to worship them on top of it. It truly is amazing how brainwashed we've become. Think about what we're missing. Before we had a giant centralized state, we had competent males in nearly all positions. Most of our daily lives involve mundane transactions. Imagine that every small task you needed to perform in public were handled by a competent white male family man. That's how society used to be. Even down to the grease monkeys, the soda jerks, the postal workers, the bank tellers. We had that. In that society, your grandfather, even if he were a semi-skilled just-off-the-farm basic worker could afford to buy land, set up a house, marry a woman, and have more than two kids. That's the world we traded for gigantic supersized jew-controlled federal government. Did we come off poorly in that trade? Of course we did. And that's why the government and its moll media (crook-nosed Brian Williams and the Beautiful Weapons, a children's classic) always lie about the old days. A giant supersized centralized state is inherently antiWhite, and this needs to be understood by more racialists.

Sicut Judaeis Non
The catholic church has a long history of dealing with jews, says EMJ. No. It has a long history of failing to deal with jews. When you doctrinally bind yourself against reality, which is what SJN does, you have set yourself up to fail. And, not that you care about it, since you don't, but if your cult dominates Whiteland, then you have set up whites to be genocided once jews have the tools to show the true meaning of SJN. And that is the story of the 20th century, continuing into the 21st.

Purity Spiraling
These days I read Daily Stormer, Occidental Dissent, Altright.com, Deadspin, The Ringer, Google news, Yahoo news, Vox Day's blog, Zero Hedge, and LewRockwell.com It's funny to see people who continually denounce purity spirals (ie, principled behavior) turn around and whine about Trump's flip-flopping. What do you think big tent means? Serious men determine their principles and stick to it. They don't hop all over the place and pretend they're clever. The principles that will protect whites are acknowledging that race is more important than party, position, cult, and that jews are our enemy. Embrace those and don't depart from them. That's the starting point for white activity. Even with his tergiversations, Trump has done more for the white cause, regardless of his intent, than anyone in the last few decades. Of course, the left has much to do with that: their hatred of whites has always been there, but it has become pronounced, public, ubiquitous, daily, after the St. Skittles affair a few years ago. Open, raw, racial hatred of whites can be found every single day in the lockstep media. Things are heating up, and the polarization that can serve us proceeds apace - if we take our own side. And that means being done with hopes and proxies. We need open pro-White, anti-jew leaders, speakers, lawyers, politicians. We need a white defensive force. We need white education since the public schools teach our children to hate themselves and despise their race. What we have is a fair amount of media agreed on the two main points: that whiteness is what matters, and that jews are the enemy. Trump is flip-flopping all over the place.

Downside to White Creativity
Evident in Christo-Enlightenment universalism. Whites use their creativity to build systems. This is generally bad. Because when these lofty nightmares are combined with a certain power of will, they bring misery to the world. The lesson is that math is universal, but almost nothing else is. We don't need a universal religion, we need limited respect for our ancestors. We don't need a universal politics, we need close attention to differences. "Love your race" is a simp meme. Our race needs not love but defense. We prefer to live among our own kind. That's it. To the little man, that doesn't seem enough. It is. White Nationalism can be a tent pole
structure. Fools deride it as abstract. Is it abstract when the enemy discriminates against us legally. Funny how no one ever has trouble defining 'white' until it comes to defending whites. We want to live among and around our own kind. That's our cause. Nothing more to it. We are denied this opportunity by law. That is not tolerable. We must do whatever it takes to reclaim that racial sovereignty.

300 German Troops Investigated for Wrongthink
Plenty of Germans must realize what's needed. [A] soldier posted a picture of a machine-gun on social media with the caption: “The fastest German asylum procedure, rejects up to 1,400 requests per minute.

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