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Originally Posted by Donnie in Ohio View Post
Ending his (wildly popular) show last night, many blocks of which could be written by VNN posters, (or at least the writers of VNNF Halcyon Classic) Tucker Carlson informed his viewers that "If you're a straight white man, the left hates you, and they want to see you dead". I'm paraphrasing here, he actually went on more about it. Remarkable stuff to hear.

Nationalism of every kind is on the march. Personally, I can't believe just how well things are going. Polarization Nation, baby.

Trump is chaos, and chaos is beneficial. I expect serious civil unrest this Summer.
yeah... tucker was always meh, but he's got a second wind. he seems to sense the change in things. i see his clips a lot of places. i heard he and coulter were dancing around the jew thing the other day. there doesn't seem to be a way to stop the polarization (which is ultimately good, tho the path will lead thru hell most likely). the left has been getting more confident and more anti-white for decades, and, as i've said, my opinion, it really picked up speed after the trayvon martin affair. open hostility. open racial hatred. absolute unwillingness to acknowledge proven facts. where can it lead but conflict? how does one deal with people who lie continually? there's no way. i'm not putin. i dont have nukes. but they seem like they're going to produce a nuclear war because they believe they can slam their holy Narrative down on any circumstance and produce the desired outcome. i think putin is going to shoot down our planes as his next step, if we try more tricks in syria.