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Here's an article from the Israeli newspaper Haaretz in which jews brag about organizing parades where homosexuals, transsexuals and other assorted degenerates urinate on each other, drink each other's urine and have public sex:

Gefilte Fetish: Meet the Jews at San Francisco's Annual S&M Festival

Hundreds of men are walking around with their penis exposed, but Amelia Nahman insists on talking about the connection between the event and charity, benevolence and Jewish values. (…) brutal lashings are being administered (…) the girls from the Jewish community at the Exiles group booth invite me to join them for Friday-evening prayers, to be followed immediately after by a really kinky leather party. (…) The bottle with the yellow liquid? Don’t drink from it ‏(unless that’s your thing‏).
For the past three years, 30-year-old Jacob Richards − a proud Jewish lawyer whose baby face would not raise the slightest suspicion of his sadomasochistic side − was the president of the event’s board of directors. This is a volunteer body, which works throughout the year to ensure that the event comes off. This year he decided to rest and vacated the presidential throne in favor of his deputy, Rae Goldman, who is also Jewish. ‏
“Everything that goes on here is 100 percent charity, it’s the strongest tie there is to Jewish values and tikkun olam,” explains Nahman, 32, using a Hebrew term for the healing or repair of the world. Like Richards, she, too, pursues a Jewish way of life; she is in charge of organizing the volunteers for the event.
How widespread is BDSM in the Jewish community here?

“There are a lot of Jews and a lot of groups. I don’t even know them all. There is a community center in San Francisco where all kinds of groups are active. It’s open to the public. One of the biggest groups there is called Exiles, and they also have a booth at the fair. Every Friday evening they organize a leather group for women. People pray, have a Shabbat-eve meal, and then a bunch of us go down to the basement for a party. It’s amazing. Upstairs we pray, and down below there are bindings and lashings, things that are so different and intensive. Everyone greets you with ‘Shabbat shalom,’ even if they are not Jewish and even if you happen to be in some weird position just then.”

The jews who organize these satanic activities have the support of their rabbis. And one of these rabbis, Elliot Kukla, is a transsexual.

You can't make this shit up.

Elliot Kukla is the first openly transgender person to be ordained by the Reform Jewish seminary Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion in Los Angeles. Kukla is a rabbi at the Bay Area Jewish Healing Center.[1][2]

He came out as transgender six months before his ordination in 2006.[3][4] Later, at the request of a friend of his who was also transgender, he wrote the first blessing sanctifying the sex-change process to be included in the 2007 edition of the Union for Reform Judaism's resource manual for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender inclusion called Kulanu.[5][5][6]