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Stewart Meadows

Satanic jew doctor Elizabeth Miller, who is a member of the Jewish Healthcare Foundation, brags about how she destroys children, physically and mentally:

Being transgender is one of the hottest topics in adolescent medicine, said Elizabeth Miller , chief of adolescent and young adult medicine at UPMC who co-founded Children's Gender and Sexual Development Program three years ago. It's a collaboration with the departments of Pediatric Endocrinology, Adolescent Medicine and Behavioral Health, and more than 30 young patients are currently enrolled, with one or two new patients coming in each week. "This is just something we needed to do," said Dr. Miller about the program, which provides therapy, hormone testing treatments, special drugs that suppress the onset of puberty and family counseling.

There are signs that things are changing, however. Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, for example, recently started a Gender and Sexual Development program within the Department of Adolescent Medicine, to work with patients 8 to 17 years old.

"It became increasingly clear to us we needed to have a more systematic way of taking care of gender-fluid and transgender youth in our community," says Dr. Elizabeth Miller, chief of the department of Adolescent Medicine at Children's. Thanks to longstanding partnerships with Persad, the Gay and Lesbian Community Center, Family Link and Health Care for the Homeless, "We recognized a major gap in care for adolescents and children."
"Part of normal adolescent development is trying to figure out who you are in terms of sexual identity, and who you are, where you are, how male you are and how female you are," Miller says. "The genitalia do not define your gender identity."

Here's a picture of Elizabeth Miller:

She looks like all those feminist dyke rabbis from reform judaism.