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Originally Posted by ColdFire View Post
N.W.O. =common abbreviation for “New World Order“ . . .I mainly use that term because it is the most “general“ . . One might use the terms “Illuminati“ ( the “corporate name“ by which the NWO-movement officially goes . .), some might call it “jewish conspiracy“ since there seem to be a lot of “jews“ involved ( the question only being whether they are “real jews“ or not ( like I said , many NWO-defectors claim that “Luciferianism“ is at the center of it and there also are other theories about the origin of many of today’s jews other than that they are “real jews“ ( ethnically and religiously . . .) ) ) or the likes . .

The main point is what they DO . .
And what do they do?

“The fallen angel“ / “the fallen one“ = Lucifer . .

If one is into metaphysics ,Lucifer was the enemy of the Creator , one of his angels , who became vain and sought to destroy the work of the Creator . . .
So our main enemy is Lucifer?

Does he fight only with the white race or with the entire creation of the Сreator?

I have read a lot of stuff about the N.W.O.

Apart from reading stuff people are also free to use their own BRAIN . .

The problem is that , since the NWO mostly worked in “secret“ there cannot REALLY be “official records“ about them ( except maybe for the testimonies of some NWO- defectors) . .

But in fact one only needs LOGIC to draw one‘s own conclusion when confronted with facts or “in depth-history“ ( “in depth-history“ in this case meaning stuff that dissents from the “official version“ , lol ) about the N.W.O.
Did I understand you correctly that you are not going to give me any facts and evidence?
Where should they dig the Very Deep Pit?
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