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Originally Posted by Alex Him View Post
And what do they do?
Well ,I tried to give a short "breakdown" in post # 1 . .

They mainly work in 'dialectical methods' . . They wish to build up their 'ideal society' ( New World Order . .) . . They mostly use two tactics . . Playing sides against each other and contriving ideals such as Communism for example . . . They always play two sides of society against each other to cause civil unrest and to overthrow society as such . . .

So our main enemy is Lucifer?
Well . .

Of course one cannot tell every 'racialist' to "believe" in "supernatural powers" ,become religious , to be into metaphysics or whatever you want to call it , but. .

a ) it wouldn't be far fetched if the NWO ( the ultimate enemies of freedom ) , the world conspirators , truly were into an ultimate "wicked force" , now , would it . . ?

b ) defectors from the NWO ( i. e. people who BELONGED to their structure themselves once ) have claimed that the NWO is all about "placing Lucifer on the place of the Creator in this world" . .

Apart from that , the N.W.O. seems to be in possession of "secrets" they refuse to share with the rest of mankind . .

. .

( "The Simpsons" series is a Hollywood production and thus N.W.O. but could this MAYBE be a hint to real life . . ? ) . .


Does he fight only with the white race or with the entire creation of the Сreator?
. . if one goes deeply into 'esoteric stuff' , there IS the theory around that the Aryan race is , indeed , the race of the creator and that other races are 'corrputed' , i. e. Lucifer's ( see my original post . . ) . .

IF the Aryan has the meaning claimed here then one COULD UNDERSTAND why the N.W.O. tries everything in its power to burn out the Aryan race . . .

You might find this site interesting if you are interested in this subject . .

Did I understand you correctly that you are not going to give me any facts and evidence?
. . see above . . . . Yes , I could give sources . . . Any SPECIFIC segment you are especially interested in concerning this ?