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What is the latest on these two heroes? I thought they were supposed to have a hearing on December 8, 2008? And did they ever get a haircut?

I am far more than merely "interested" -- as I am hosting a political asylum applicant at my home, Henrik Holappa, and have paid a lawyer $2,000.

His webpage on my website (http://johndenugent.com/henrik.html:

A Finn in Pittsburgh

Henrik Holappa, now 23, fired from every job, even security guard, expelled from the army he loved. Now a political refugee and exile since July 2008, and staying with and helping me in Pittsburgh, Pennsyvlania.

My family has served Finland as soldiers for centuries; Holappa is actually a place name in my ancient Scandinavian country. I find myself in America for two reasons: 1) I always wanted to visit this vast and fascinating country, an offshoot of Europe that has changed the whole world; 2) There is no freedom of speech now in Finland, except to discus the weather, and I face 4.5 years in prison if I return to my homeland. I dared from 2005 on to ask publicly why our white, clean, modern, crime-free Scandinavian country needs to let in immigrants from Sudan, Somalia and Turkey who viciously gang-rape white Finnish women. There was no gang rape in Finland for thousands of years before this recent Muslim influx.

I say it is the immigrant gang-rapists who are the racists and they are the women-haters by degrading, raping and disrespecting the beautiful white girls and women who are the natives of my nation. I say it is they who hate, who are “extremely dangerous” and should go to prison and then go home immediately. But the Finnish government, which is fanatically “politically correct,” calls me, a 23-year-old Finn, a “racist” and “extremely dangerous” for saying out loud what almost all Finns really think and say privately but are now afraid now to say publicly any more. This fear began in 1995 when the media pushed the Finnish parliament into passing so-called “hate-speech laws.”

The “politically correct” government now calls me a “white supremacist,” suggesting I think the white race is best.

But I see black, brown and yellow “white supremacists.” I see immigrants all moving voluntarily to white countries, to every white country around the world, and to only white countries. They literally crawl through the desert, climb into sweltering metal shipping containers, and paddle rafts and little boats, all to try to enter any white nation they can. Who then by their actions act as if white countries were best? Who shows an absolute preference for white countries, for all white countries, even preferring death to staying in their original country?

I advocate that Third World peoples should instead love, and feel pride in, their own races and fix their own social problems, not import them here. I am glad if Finland or America, England, France or Australia, help suffering Third World countries. But if they bring us their violence, drugs, crime, hate, anti-white racism and white supremacism to us, these “guests” have worn out their welcome.

In America I am now seeking freedom and protection for my right to oppose all hate-based racism, all violence toward women, all white supremacism by any race, and all intolerance -- no matter which race practices them.

And I embrace this great country that was founded by and for Europeans like me in the 1600s. Europeans like me have come here for 400 years, fitting in, seeking freedom to speak out, to protest wrongs and to say one's opinion without the police knocking on the door the next day.

I have already had my home searched three times, I have been arrested for three days, kept in a cell with the light burning day and night with no way to call a lawyer, and I was told in June that the top prosecutor in Finland, Mika Illman, will “get” me so as to “make an example” of “racists.” Yet he belongs to the Jewish people, and his people, in Israel, crush the Palestinians every day with tanks and anti-Arab racism and torture. Amnesty International has put Israel on the list of “torturing governments” every single year since 1963. In Israel non-Jews are not even allowed to marry Jews, or convert them to any other religion. If Israel openly calls itself a “Jewish state,” can Finland also stay a “Finnish state”?

I hope America will now protect a young man who opposes gang rape in Finland by violent, women-hating, undesirable immigrants, who still opposes it via the Internet to his homeland, and who now seeks to shield American women from the same violence and racism.

And I spend time here to warn Americans that the madness of political correctness will lead to throwing them too in prison for their views. America, for 400 years you have been, as your national anthem says at the end, “the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

But if I go back and am brave in Finland, I will not stay free for long. It is time for Americans to stay brave -- so at least their country can stay free. And part of that freedom is a woman's absolute right to walk without fear on the streets of her own city without a gang of foreign men stalking her to rape her, or make lascivious comments about her, or call her a “whore” because she does not cover up her whole body Muslim-style or convert to the religion of Islam.

I am here also to remind Americans not to lose their freedoms to “political correctness” as my country has, for the alternative would be prison for them too, rape for their women and girls, and eternal fear of their own government.

Here is my blog: www.enationalist.com/henrik-holappa

The best for Henrik would be to marry a nice WN American girl. And he is a very fine, brilliant, funny, courageous, eloquent young man.

Speaking at David Duke's EURO conference, he got a standing ovation: http://www.archive.org/details/HenrickHolopolaEuro2008