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Originally Posted by John Smithwick View Post
I was drunk as a skunk last night Em ... sorry.

And as a non-Christian that give opportunity to point out: the teaching on forgiveness is far more ancient that Xtianity as well. It's not about forgetting what someone did and 'turning the other cheek' should they want to do it some more, though, that teaching is quite Christ-Insane.... but it's about letting go of any bitterness that only harms you. That quote has been attributed to everyone under the sun, but it's origins are here:

In Visuddhimagga IX, 23: Buddhaghosa, in discussing anger, said, "“By doing this you are like a man who wants to hit another and picks up a burning ember or excrement in his hand and so first burns himself or makes himself stink.”

Don't call yourself a failed man, or let anyone else call you one. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving.

Quit drinking.
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