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Originally Posted by Rounder View Post
No definite comment about this yet. Too soon to judge. Not enough credible information.

It could be that Turner fed inconsequential disinformation to the JOG in order to prove he himself is against illegal activities.

In the 80s, I regularly invited county sheriffs and Joe Momier of the NC Bureau of Investigation to our marches and rallies, and I allowed them to subscribe to our monthly newspaper - all for the purpose of proving the White Patriot Party operated legally. I even had them in my home where myself and other WPP leaders chatted with them and gave them WN literature. And of course, I reported all this to our members via my newspaper and at regular meetings. Not one single member ever objected.

Has any WN sufferred, in any way, because of Turner's communications with law enforcement personnel ??

Do you mean like charges of sedition or armed robbery and murder???

Nothing like that yet.