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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

I've given my opinion of Turner many times before.

I don't trust him based on my dealings with him and the fact that he lies about both his own costs and simply invents stories out of thin air and runs them as real news. VNN's backer paid him a lot of money to host us a few years ago. During the half-summer we were on his server, VNN was down about half the time. Worse than any other server we've been with. I loaded stories for three days, and only then did he tell me I was loading them to the wrong server.

There's no excuse for what he has done. Those of you claiming to be shocked are pathetic.

When will some of you get it through your heads that liars do more damage than good?

We hardly need to lie to advance our cause. All we need is the truth, put in simple, direct form, repeated endlessly. That alone won't get the job done, but it is certainly the starting point. The rest I lay out in "Strategy" and related forums below.

Those of you defending Turner belong to the class of loser-fantasists that, even here, we see far too many of. If you think it costs Hal Turner thousands of dollars a month to run his network, you are too stupid to be of use to any political cause. If you can't tell that Hal made up most of his news...same thing. If you're making excuses for him, you're worse than pathetic. Your type will cause this thing to happen over and over again.

Lying and blowharding do nothing for our cause. Wake up and realize that. It's one thing to be a patriotard+race, as Hal was, and at a truly professional level. That's fine as far as it goes. We can use a Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh-style radio voice. But to make stuff up and to issue threats you know you have no intention of following through on is incredibly destructive. Not merely to yourself, as White and Turner have found, but more subtly in that it attracts precisely the kind of easily impressed loser that is sheer avoirdupois on any worthwhile cause.

Rounder, if you had done what Turner did, I would have nothing to do with you. There is no excuse for what he did. Whereas, in your case, the Order wronged you. And I have not seen a single one of the Order fangirls acknowledge that. The Order did nothing for our cause except destroy the most successful American White political group created since before WWII.

Just one last time, in case you don't get it: You making excuses for Turner are pathetic losers. Your very comments show that you are not to be trusted.