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Originally Posted by Karl Von Clausewitz! View Post
Are they? Is that why they were deemed "see kaffers"? Some were but not "many" by a long stretch of the imagination. Most of them were classified as non-White, which is why you won't find many Greeks or Portuguese eager to support Afrikaner Nationalism.
You being one I'm sure.

I'll say this again clown, so you understand me perfectly clearly. The source cited by Diablobanco's link, took into no account the immigration since the original settlers, the 5 million or so mixed Capoids in the cape today which stands testament to the fact that the "mixed" were never "mixed" with enough to create a vast amount of 3.5 million people who appear white but aren't.

Secondly the original researcher of this claim guessed the amount of non-White blood there was no sampling done with DNA on his behalf to even affirm that such is the case.

What he did was look at 1200 cases from 1652 - 1868, and then concluded that given the time since then to now, 7% is the total allotted to EVERY Afrikaner. Never factoring in change in demographics, never factoring in racial laws, never factoring in the obvious mixed Capoid which suggests they were ostracized more than "accepted and mixed with happily and freely in a rainbow nation of love", and never factoring in genetic samples in order to support his theory, he simply guessed based on 7% of the allotted amount of people having mixed wayyy back then. Such crackpot rubbish could only be perpetuated by fools and liars. Which is why this asshole's work is hailed on the ANC website, him right along with his Communist comrades, who sought to distort history in order to topple the Apartheid Government, and give to the non-White what they "built".

As far as your pictures are concerned, I frankly do not care.
Yes that's true, in general the Afrikaners in South Africa, prefer to race mix with the niggers than marrying with southern europeans.

Much racial mixture has thus occurred over the generations, between the Europeans, Indians, Malays, various Bantu tribes, along with indigenous Khoi and San.

Photo Below: Picture of the “Cape coloured children in Bonteheuwel township (Cape Town, South Africa).

Urbanized South Africans who have significant admixture of British, Dutch, and Indian (from India) blood. The “coloreds” constitute about 10% of the population of South Africa.