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Originally Posted by Karl Von Clausewitz! View Post
I'll say this again clown, so you understand me perfectly clearly. The source cited by Diablobanco's link, took into no account the immigration since the original settlers, the 5 million or so mixed Capoids in the cape today which stands testament to the fact that the "mixed" were never "mixed" with enough to create a vast amount of 3.5 million people who appear white but aren't.
So how do you explain this?

In South Africa, a large White population has existed since the 1600s, when Europeans first started settling that country. Over the 400 years since, the proximity of so many different races has inevitably led to a degree of interbreeding.

Above: Sandra Laing and her parents. With no immediately obvious sign of Non-white ancestry, the particular combination of her parent's genes triggered the Mendelian effect of recombining a Non-white gene string, long hidden in the family, producing the very obvious mixed racial type.

Sandra Laing was born in 1955 in Piet Retief, a conservative small town in what was then Apartheid South Africa. Her Afrikaans-speaking parents were classified White, as were her two brothers, and they all appeared on the face of things, to be White.

However, when Sandra was born, her skin was noticeably darker, and became more so as the years passed. Her hair texture and features had become so obviously “colored” or mixed race by the time she went to school that she was forced to leave the White school systems and enter that set aside for non-Whites.

The Sandra Laing case remains as one of the most striking examples of recessive alleles finally having recombined after several generations, and once again forming an individual reflective of racial mixing which occurred several generations previously.