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Originally Posted by RickHolland View Post
So how do you explain this?
The same way I suppose this is explained :

W.E. du Bois (1868-1963), was an African American activist who conducted the initial research on the Black experience in the United States. His work paved the way for the civil rights, Pan-African, and Black Power movements in the United States. He coined the phrase "Black Power" and who is still today highly regarded in Black American circles.
Yet Du Bois himself , as can be seen from his picture (left) was clearly another example of the Mendelian Laws of Inheritance at work: and was, on the face of it, not "Black" at all. In his particular case, the recessive "White" alleles combined in his parents to produce a particularly White-looking individual.

If you somehow find the urge which I am sure you will, to ask me "how do I explain this" yet again, or to paste another example of mixing in the Afrikaner people, feel free to read my post you quoted above. And continue to read it until it finally sinks into your numskull.

Never have I said there was NO mixing to speak of, never have I said that there was NO instance of any one person appearing white but carrying non-White markers, and never have I said that the racial classification imposed was so excellent as to miraculously figure out those particular individuals are not European and would produce a non-White child. What I said plain and simply and what you fail to understand is that it's useless to categorically assume each and every Afrikaner is part non-White based on a singular example, and on the findings of a Communist doctor who never took any samples to support his thesis, guesstimated the percentiles, took into no account the influx of immigration from Europe into Southern Africa after the founding effect ended, and never took into account the vast amount of mixed individuals (which you so eagerly presented us as proof of the fact that they had not categorically intermixed with them).

Should I take Du Bois as an example that every American is some parts black and some parts Indian? Should we examine the Australian and the New Zealander as well?

You and your pseudo-Guentherian studies are playing with fire here, kaffertjie.

By the way, your sources contradict one another.

Kemp says 7% of people who CLAIM to be Afrikaner are non-White. The second uses the findings of the crackpot I demonstrated to have used questionable methods, and claims every one has 7% non-White blood, and the individual's (Jaco) he admits that his own findings do not represent that of the Afrikaner but merely himself. He continues to state :

I am not aware that this estimate has been validated for
any other Afrikaner individual
, but it will be interesting
if this can be confirmed for more Afrikaners. Presently,
most white and black South Africans are equally incredulous
at the prospect that Afrikaners have such a
rich genetic heritage. Hopefully, with time all South
Africans will celebrate the fact that Afrikaners are, and
continue to be, a proudly south African concoction.

And there we get at the crux of it, "rainbow nation" bullshit. It's the same rubbish we saw when the out of Africa theory was the fad, thousands of people were shown to have "non-White ancestry" in order to perpetuate the now defunct "Out of Afreaka Theory".

And the fourth one uses the same crackpot the second one uses, why not simply quote the ANC Government website as a fifth? who also uses this same crackpot.

There are many biologists in this country who find Heese' work questionable, that some try today to claim non-White ancestry like the American claims non-White ancestry is not in the slightest bit scientific studies. And for you to perpetuate it as though it is, speaks poorly of yourself.

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