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Originally Posted by RickHolland View Post
You didn't knew that Jews have been part of South Africa since the very beginning?
I knew that, what's your point? That South Africa is a Jewish country? Is America a Jewish country as well? They've had jews there since the rise of European immigration toward the United States. Jews joined South America right along with Columbus' expeditions.

Wherever there is money to be made, Jews will be there to make it, I fail to see what it is you're trying to prove here, clown.

Many Yiddish words have entered the Afrikaans language as Yiddish-speaking South African Jews assimilated into the community, and the languages cross-pollinated each other.
Yiddish words like what?

Specially since the discoveries of gold and diamonds, Jews love shinning objects.
You're telling me nothing new here. I suppose next you'll come across the startling revelation that the Second Boer War was entirely motivated by Jewish greed and lust after the mineral deposits within the South African Republics.

Jews fought on both sides during the Second Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902).
Well look there, you did stumble onto it, much to my amazement actually.
Around 300 Jews served among the Boers during the second Boer War and were known as Boerjode.
And around 13 Meelion Jews cheered as your Countries massacred and beat down the German nation.

Your map does not contradict anything I said, as usual. You like the pretty pictures but fail to understand them.

When the Afrikaner-dominated National Party came to power in 1948 it did not adopt an anti-Jewish policy.
Again, I said this before, so what's the point of your mentioning it? Is it a need to appear intelligent or just plain stupidity that compels you to repeat well known and already stated arguments?

This began a long history of cooperation between Israel and South Africa on many levels.
A co-operation between the two, really? No, it was perceived as such. The minute Israel obtained what it required in order to press down on the Arabs it followed suit of the international community including your country, to sanction and boycott South Africa.

Your poor attempt at appearing well read failed. You summed up in google sessions what I have said before and never intended on hiding, your revelation is a waste of bandwidth space.

Your country and every Western Society known to man is guilty to an equal degree of fraternizing with the Jews, I dare say, far more than the Boer people.

I am not disapointed "Clausewitz" is a Jewish name.
Carl_von_Clausewitz Carl_von_Clausewitz
This man, the greatest military mind of the West was a Jew? Are you sure about that, Rick Holland?