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Originally Posted by RickHolland View Post
Can you provide a link proving that Clausewitz is a typical Old Prussian last name?
In any case, the names of many cities, including Berlin (meaning 'little swamp'), and some surnames, most notably those of 'typically Prussian' nature like 'von Clausewitz' or 'Virchow', still reflect the Slavic roots of this part of Germany.
I am not that good with Google.
I don't know about that, you seem to know your way around the query pages rather well.

If it is so typical show me some other germans with that surname.
Surnames that end in "witz" or "itz"? Like Hans Ernst von Kottwitz? Who's family likely hailed from the area of Kottwitz in Silesia?

Or what about Gottfried von Leibnitz?

Recorded in several spelling forms including Wiz, Witz, Witze, and Wittzin this ancient German surname is either residential or it may be a nickname perhaps for a scholar. If residential it describes somebody who lives in a "witu" or forest, and as forest covered much of Germany in the medieval times, it is not perhaps surprising that many people share the surname.
Your favorite website.

Lol the things you say to look smart
Look at it this way, at least it's things I say and not things I paste, Googlemeister.

Look to his pictures he have a typical jewish phenotype.

Know what? I totally does man! thank heaven for your anthropological knowledge!

So, all knowing and enlightened one, was Clausewitz a self hating Jew?

Probably you can't differentiate a white european man from a white jewish man
I prefer to let Biology determine the jew from the Indo-European, unlike Pseudo-Guentherian "Anthropological experts" such as yourself who upon an image can immediately discern the race of the person.

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