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Originally Posted by Mark Faust View Post
All germs and filth aside.... Its just fucking pathetic when people do it. I mean c'mon, someone can't go and spend a couple of bucks on something instead? Imagine getting caught? Caught and known as the douche bag who steals other peoples' food...??
Yeah, it's just inconceivable. I mean, ok you take a coke out of a refrigerator, but to dig through private bags to find stuff to eat. It's so gross, weard, weaselly and low it beggars all comprehension. People really are that shitty, especially in corporate world. Not all of them, but some of them. It's like a passive aggressive way of getting back at people I guess. Man, it is low and nasty behavior. Honestly - someone who would do that - what wouldn't they do? Almost nothing is my guess. Honest to god - can you imagine stealing an ethylated egg out of someone's stuff. My god. That have to be on the absolute bottom of the list. I honestly think about 80% of humans are mentally warped to a very significant degree.

Honestly - stealing someone's pickled eggs! It's the lowest thing I've heard of since this video.

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