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Alex Linder

"The Immortals" - torchlight rallies arranged by text message

- Flashmob uses texts to orchestrate rallies then upload videos onto YouTube
- Marches have chilling echo of the torch rallies held to honour Hitler in 1930s
- Demonstrators wear white masks and carry placards with extreme nationalist slogans
- Clips end with disturbing slogans such as 'Make your short life immortal'

Dr Hajo Funke, a professor at the Free University of Berlin, told CNN he believes the tactics employed by the Immortals are designed to attract young people to their cause.

According to Die Zeit, the group also uses the obsolete word 'Volkstod' which references the days of national socialism and is used by neo-Nazis to describe what they believe to be the downfall of the German race taking place under a democracy.

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