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Weren't there other shoppers? At ours, you wouldn't wait two minutes before you could give someone your 25c for their cart, in any combo.
I had no change on me, and since I only needed a few items, I went without a cart.
The store here is still small after expansion. it's probably not 10% big as Walmart. And it needs expansion because it's often cramped. Aldis are only open during busy hours, again part of their design. I have believed and told them they could open a store on the south side of our town of 17,000 and it would work just fine. This is partial vindication. I would go to Aldi 2x as often if it were on my side of town, rather than 3-4 miles north. And I guarantee that's true of many others. All I have near me is Hy-Vee, which has absurd prices.
Ours is about 7-8 miles from me, on the far side of the burg I'm 5 miles from, so it's inconvenient, but the prices are the best. I also go to the Dollar Tree in town, which is a REAL dollar store - unlike the shitty Dollar General clip-joints, which are NOT; DG & another inconvenience store are all I've got near me out in sticks.
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