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July 1968 to July 2018
Fifty Years of British Movement
Fifty Years of British National Socialist Campaigning
Fifty Years of Our Struggle

In July 1968 Colin Jordan met with a small group of loyal comrades from his previous NSM in a hotel in Wolverhampton and formerly launched British Movement.

In the early days of British Movement - Colin Jordan addresses an election meeting in Wolverhampton

Now in late July 2018, British Movement salutes all those who have supported BM, campaigned for BM, marched, fought, bled and sacrificed for the cause of British Movement.

Here NS Outlook presents a brief reminder of what British Movement is about......

Marching for BM in the early 1970's

1975 - 1983

Michael McLaughlin took over as BM National Chairman and built BM up into an active youth dominated, street movement, many of today's senior activists and organisers first became involved as BM members in this period.

The Media Hated British Movement

This was just one example of the tabloid press attack on British Movement (The Sun - 1981)

1983 to 2018 and ongoing.......