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Originally Posted by T.Garrett View Post
I've had interesting experience with mushroom psilocybe cubensis, when alone offshore on my boat one night I ate about 5g of dried shroom on empty stomach and had the full experience the hallucinogenic effects of psilocybin gives you.

It started with these flashing lights everywhere in about 30 minutes and then I noticed a blue/gold halo around me glowing in the pitch dark, and when I turned toward the ocean I saw thousands of different colored halos big and small around creatures moving in every direction ...it almost seemed as if i could see to any depth and THEY WERE AWARE I WAS WATCHING THEM.

I layed down on the floor of the cockpit to look at the sky above and I could see the gods playing in the cosmos among the stars, with the same blue/gold halo as mine calling to each other in a tongue man had forgotten long ago, finally these 'tendrils' that seemed to be made of 'solid light' exuded from my body connecting me to everything around me 'physically' ...I had never felt such peace and contentment. Somewhere toward the end of the trip I saw my entire life played out before me like a picture book and finally fell asleep.

There is so much more to the experience that I cannot put into words adequately, language fails me. This wasn't my first psychotropically induced 'journey' I had experimented with LSD and Peyote (the cactus gladiatrix mentioned) in school and for a few years after in the military before the I began to settle down and become a 'sensible' shitizen.

I realize it's a hallucination being a 'rational' man but I sure can understand how anyone would call it a 'religious' experience and a life changing one at that. You might say 'touched' by god?
Everything has awareness, humans on this planet, simply don't know this, i don't know too much about Halo's but i know everything has a form of intelligence, Trees plants rocks, water etc.

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