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Originally Posted by Rounder
A whooping 3,000 TAAs were distributed yesterday and last nite in Omaha, Nebraska by R. T. and his group of 5 WNs who helped with the rolling, and/or distributing. And get this, they're going back out this afternoon and tonite, and distribute the remaining 3,400 TAAs. R.T. reports distributing to the homes of at least 500 millionaires, including the home of the owner of Godfather Pizza.

Whew, talk about getting our message out AND raising lots of eybrows. Hats off to R.T. and The Nebraska "Nite Riders". More later on this incredible story of VNN's Nebraska activists.

(3 shipments of TAAs went out in today's mail to the following:

G.T. (Washington State) - 40 TAAs
A.S. (Montana) - 40 TAAs
Shannon (Arizona) - 100 TAAs)

Who's next to pledge support for OUR Aryan Alternative newspaper ???
WOW! Hat's off to the Nebraska patriots, hope they will jion the forum as well.
A quick side note here in Virginia we have thousand's rolled and ready to go but the weather isn't being nice. A chance of rain for tomorrow afternoon has made me cancel distribution plans again, but stay tuned itz coming.