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Alex Linder

I knew it - he's basically doing a retard-level version of text leveling, as taught in 'advanced' English classes. Part of destroying the patriarchy and advancing leftist politics is denying greatness. Those white-man authors who wrote all those great works aren't great. The works are products of social forces. They're a group effort. This is part of the general campaign and bias against agency. The only responsible parties, as the jews would like it, are white men. But they're not 'responsible' for, not to be credited with, their actual achievements, but they are to be credited with, rather blamed for, black/brown/wimmin failure/oppression.

Heads or tails, the white man loses. His greatness is revealed to be imaginary; the evil is revealed to be all-encompassing.

Do you see? Now that you understand the biggest picture, you can find many applications yourself with your own brain.

The jew has turned English class from appreciation and analysis into an ideological tool for 'deconstructing' white society/literary front.

It's tedious, unfair, and simply wrong, but there's a lot of institutional power behind it.

Somehow this greasy little kike with the ridiculous name has cottoned on to this ideology and used it to justify his media cons. I really think you would have to dig long and hard to come up with a jewier story. Even for a jew, Shia LaBeouf is pretty damn jewy. 'A jew like other jews, yet perfect among them,' to twist a line by a genuinely great white writer.

Notice the irony, though - the Cracked writer correctly lambasting the little bastard for his hypocrisy and crimes lazy the emphasis on his whiteness when he is in fact, as the Cracked writer himself may well be, a jew. And that kind of miscrediting is kinda sorta in line with plagiarism being discussed, no?

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