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Originally Posted by LeoFrank View Post
Having technical difficulties and still unable to do it. Is it possible these audios could be posted in mp3 form?
I got a free Google store phone app called MediaConvertor. I had to manually add each title the program one at a time and it took half the time of each recording to convert. At that time I deleted the file on my phone with the original source files to not confuse the two. I don't know where this app stores the files so I created a new file in my download folder. Then I went to the recent section, found them, selected them, cut them, then pasted them into my new file in the download folder. I later copied them over to my PC. Then I ran a free program on them called Qmp3gain to normalize and lower the volume. I take it down to 79.5, or 79.9. it is the lowest it will allow. The standard setting the program has is around 89. I play them with the soft earphones in a standalone mp3 player in my waking and my sleeping hours so I don't want loud fluctuations in the volume. This is my life story.