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Sean Martin

Originally Posted by Jim Crowe View Post
The only handgun caliber known to pierce a nigger's skull. The .454 Casull.
You know better than that, only an idiot would be stupid enough to carry something like that. First off it can’t be concealed with anything short of a trench coat, second if you shoot the gun it is going to over penetrate whatever you are shooting and a jury will find you guilty even in a justified shooting as they should.

The next thing is that is the small boy on the block now, the 500 S&W mag and the 460 have completely eclipsed that round. That is yesterday’s news and in a few years you will have to hand load it to get rounds.

If I sat on a jury and someone carrying anything larger than a 40 S&W (or perhaps a 10mm) for self-defense in public I would find them guilty regardless. Carrying a gun is a responsibility and disregarding public safety is what causes more gun laws.

I assume you were making a joke though.

Trust me if a 22lr will bring down a 1,200-pound Brahma bull with a single shot to the head it will stop even the most enraged darkie.
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