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Alex Linder

Two others that bug me. I'm not sure they're precisely wrong usages, but I hate them.

One is referring to the "heat" of some particular pepper. I don't why that drives me insane, but I cannot stand it. I'm not bothered by "hot," but I want to nut-boot any cooker who says "add some heat" or some other faggoty locution.

And by what I perceive is a pretty direct parallel, I hate when sports announcers refer to speed as "pace." God damn that annoys me. "She really put a lot of pace on the ball," like in softball or something.

Then you have the use of "length" for height or tallness in basketball, which I am convinced was started and spread by some kike producer to make the subconscious link between nigger basketball players and jew-spread porn/sitcom myths about nigger dick size (which is basically equal to White, and actually in fact a tiny bit less than Whites).

You ever hear Bill Raftery call an NCAA game. He's an Irish guy who is not a bad announcer, but his physical descriptions of blacks are positively homosexual. It's not even funny or hidden in the slightest. What could be more amazing, unnatural and queasy-making than some fat-gray-middle-aged white guy ooh!-ing it up over some nigger's athletic build? This is put out and consumed by tens of millions of people, and the jews do not leave small stuff to chance. If something happens in mass media, to turn FDR's assertion, you can be darn sure it was planned that way. Everything dovetails and reinforces, which conveys to the targeted dupes a) it is normal, b) it is the only way, c) everybody thinks like this.

You have a class of people who you see maybe 3x a year? Ordinary people, working ordinary jobs? Not dumb, not smart, about average in terms of suggestibility? You ever notice how the jokes and vocabulary they use alway reflects the current usages on the main tv channels? You ever notice how their very life habits are like a mirror of what's on tv. Oh, they need a five-hour shot, or a monster drink, or a Jager bomb, or a Red Bull? Why? They never needed that a year ago? They have not the slightest fucking clue where their influences come from. The average man does not. It's not theory, I have direct evidence from hearing ideas I FIRST PUT CAME UP WITH AND PUT IN THESE SAME PEOPLE'S HEADS being repeated back to me with absolutely no indication they remembered where the idea originated in the first place. I'm telling you, there is a process by which this stuff happens biologically. It's perhaps not 100% fixed, but it's damn sure pretty highly predictable, and you can be damn sure the jews have measured it out as precisely as they can. Humans are not a thinking animal, they just by pure chance so developed an ability to think, but they don't actually use it all that much, mostly because it's not really that functional, beyond a certain instrumental level. People who actually rely on thinking as a standard operating procedure are no more than a tiny minority of the things you see walking around on two feet.

People imitate other people. Even 'lemminghood' is not precisely right. People just don't know any better than to copy what they hear and see around them - babies fresh out of the womb do this, and so do 100-year-olds. It's obviously built into our DNA, yet the implications have never been formally incorporated into the presumptuously labled academic discipline of 'political science.'

Political power, in 2000 millenium, is almost entirely about who gets to use the mass media to trip the imitative instinct or faculty in the masses of mashed potato mehmen that constitute the body politic. Nowhere is that fact acknowledged, let alone brought into public discussion.

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