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Default #1 ADL Thread

here is an archive of articles about misdeeds by the ADL. I have no idea who maintains this database. See the list of various titles, all linked to outside resources!

Witch-hunt at Columbia University

ADL's boss threatens boycott of UK academe

Professors in Britain Vote to Boycott 2 Israeli Schools,
ADL Wants Counterboycott

Foxman Troubled By "Playing The Religious Card"

Censoring Thought and the ADL Effort
to Deny Tenure to Joseph Massad

Nader: Criticizing Israel is Not Anti-Semitism

ADL Helped Cover For Nazi Supporter Prescott Bush

ADL Rallying To AIPAC's Defense

Ralph Nader as David Duke?

Nader vs. the ADL

Santorum & Kerry Team Up On Bill
To Allow Discrimination Per ACLU

ADL Offers Damage Control For War Criminals

AIPAC and Iraq: Playing Ethnic Politics At Ground Zero

Denounced as anti-Semites, pair is owed millions

Peninsula Prof Targeted By ADL For Criticism Of Israel

ADL on comparing Zionism to Nazism

ADL Accepts Berlusconi's "apology"

The ADL In 1933 & Berlusconi Now

ADL To Honor Bigot & Neo-fascist

SF ADL Wants City Investigation Of SFWAR

ADL Rebukes Bush For Criticizing Israel

ADL will continue to fight $9.7 million jury award

Anti-Defamation League Libel Award Upheld

AIPAC, ADL refuse to condemn ethnic cleansers

ADL Opposing Affirmative Action

Against Zionism By a Jew

The Anti-Defamation League and the FBI

Critical Black Congresswoman Targeted

ADL Backs Ashcroft/Bush Surveillance

Brenner ADL Foxman Article

The ADL Snoops

The "German-Jewish Tragedy" (1933)

Spying Case Over, Struggle Continues

ADL Defends Giuliani's Speech To Israeli Racists

Couple Tarred As 'Anti-Semites'

Safire: 'Abe Must Quit'

ADL & Rich

The Foxman-Rich $250,000 Connection

ADL Turned Notion of Human Rights on Head

An Act of Censorship: ALA

Israel's Beilin Rips U.S. Jews

Spat Leads to Huge Award

ADC Press Release: Resolution

Protecting Privacy, Monitoring Hate

Stopping Extremism Before the Crime

ADL Nov 98 press release

ADL Suit Reinvigorated

ADL Claims Victory in Court Ruling

Judge Orders Opening of Enemies Lists

Court Rules For Activists on ADL

ADL accused of McCarthyite tactics

Counterpunch-Were Spies Journalists?

ADL & Mossad


Secrecy defended by ADL

CA Appeals Court Decision on ADL

Cal on Spying & Names

Bookburners and their Victims