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Jewish Sexual Criminals: Update on the Jared Fogle Case (21/04/2016)

It has been a month since the update to the Jared Fogle paedophile case hit the media, but since I've been rather busy lately I haven't had the time. I will now remedy this by pointing out that Fogle was an extremely vicious paedophile and serial child molester. Who routinely abused his position as the face of the Subway fast food chain including his business travels to sexually abuse and rape children. (1)

I will also note that, as stated elsewhere, (2) that Fogle's case was handled with apparent kid gloves by the FBI who didn't move despite damning evidence in a form of a taped confession. This slothfulness I have argued was down to Fogle's jewishness as well as his highly visible position. (3)

The fact that on 29th January this year one Steven Nigg cornered Fogle in the exercise yard of the Englewood Federal Correctional Institution in Colorado. Nigg then proceeded to beat Fogle senseless having apparently deliberately targeted him, because of the horrific nature of his crimes. (4)

Good on Steven Nigg. Perhaps they should concede him for early release on parole for performing a community service.


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