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One interoperation of this situation:

First, note that Trump from day one of his presidency, not to mention his announcement to run for president, he has slowly been reversing kike America's anti-Russian, anti-Syria, and anti-Iran policies. Those muzzy nations were of little more threat to America, and the Aryan, then were Iraq, Libya, etc. Those muzzy nations were a threat to the kike's israel. And though Russia was a potential threat to America, it was not a threat to the Aryan race. Russia is a threat to the kike interests.

Now note that Trump has been slowly turning America's attention towards China and North Korea. North Korea is of little threat to America, just as the chinks building of fake islands.

It is a fact, that North Korea is far more
  • dangerous than Iran or Syria
  • repressive towards its own citizens
  • threatening in it words and actions

But the US government and media focused virtually 100% attention on Iran and Syria. Why?

It is a fact, that China is far more:
  • dangerous than Russia
  • repressive towards its own citizens
  • aggressive and threatening towards it neighbors than Russia (except for Russia's reunification with the Crimea)
  • threatening in it words toward America than Russia.

But the US government and media has focused its attention virtually 100% on Russia and not China. Why?

Could it be possible that Trump sees the chinks as the true threat to the West? And that he is turning America's attention away from kike interests? Could it be that Trump realizes that the chink economy could become a threat to the West? Could it be the military officials have told Trump America has to deal with the chinks now before they get even stronger?

Could it be that Trump realizes that the chinks are a real threat to the survival of the Aryan race? Well, maybe not, but the chinks are a significant threat, and need to be dealt with before their economic and military power grow. If the chinks are not stopped before the Aryans become minorities in their own homelands, nobody will be able to stop the chink.
Chinks are no different than kikes and niggers,
in that if you do not hate them,
you do not know them.
- Ancient Confucian Proverb

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