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Jeffrey Smither
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Originally Posted by zoomcopter View Post
The Samson option puts all the capitals of Europe at risk for nuclear attacks from god's self-chosen ones. Their hatred of European whites exceeds rational explanation.
This is why I don't understand the DPRK and Kim Jong Un drawing all this attention. Why not just stay low like his dad and grandpa? It seems he opens his mouth every other day which in return causes Trump to open his big mouth as well and get the patriotards worked up.

Wouldn't a sneak attack be better than all this puffing DPRK does that causes an increase in missile defense?

This is why I think a lot of this is bluffing. The Kim family lives like royalty and any type of nuclear or chemical attack would lead to his quick demise in a nuclear retaliation strike. You live like a king. Why would you want to die?