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Jeffrey Smither
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Originally Posted by Marco Polo View Post
It would be interesting to know the detailed history of NK threatening the West, SK, and Japan. Have they always been doing this but they were ignored by the America because the kike wanted West to focus attention on the kike's enemies?

Interesting that the chinks never did anything to control the NK gooks when the chinks are constantly threatening Japan, India, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, etc over territorial disputes. Even a Philippine peasant fishing boat that gets with 10 miles of one the chinks fake inlands a thousand miles from the chink mainland triggers the chink to complain about their national security and sovereignty being threatened and regional security being threatened.

The WN-retards chink apologist should ask why is it that a country on its border threatening nuclear attack is the chink's only neighbor it is not routinely threatening?

The chink aggression is noticeably growing by the year. The chinks are threatening virtually everyone of it neighbors though the chink has stopped threatening Russia over large part of Siberia, for now at least.

The chinks will be the economic and military threat to the West in 20 years if left unchecked. Therefor, Trump has decided to use NK as an excuse to deal with the situation now.
Koreans hate Japan because Japan controlled the country until the end of WW2 and were brutal towards them.