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Marco Polo

It does not matter what any of the nations involved say publicly.

The NK is a puppet regime of China, and SK and Japan are tools of America.

The chinks, gooks, and japs to not like each other.

NK, SK, and Japan do not like the chinks because the believe know the chinks inferior but because of China's size, their sovereignty/territory would have been "liberated" by the chinks if America was not involved. SK and Japan are not happy being dependent on America for protection.

For the Aryan, there is only ONE point of concern, besides the KA (kike answer), and that is that the chinks not be permitted to surpass the America/West economically or militarily.

There would not seem to be to many long term permeant solutions for the chink problem.

One solution would be a regime change and along with Tibet and Xinjiang being given independence and Taiwan being formally recognized as an independent nation. Maybe Manchuria should be recreated as well.
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