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Originally Posted by Marco Polo View Post

Originally Posted by NotFunny View Post
you need to see a jerkologist
I was about to put you on the retard filter list with the other WN retard chink apologists and wanna-be chinkologists but ...

That is your best post to date. A little creative and little funny.

Gave you a thumb up and some reputation for your effort.

Seems M.N. Dalvez fancies himself a chinkologist and is feeling DP level butthurt.

He gave a negative reputation for the above post. He has also likely been stalking me and giving me negative thumbs because of my attacks against the chinks.

Here is the message left with the negative reputation:

lol, you're the Emperor of retarded cunts, cunt
None of that is really an issue of concern.

The problem is that he cannot be put on the retard filter list because:

Sorry M.N. Dalvez is a moderator/admin and you are not allowed to ignore him or her.
WTF?! A sub-110 IQ retard is a "moderator/adminn" here at VNN?

M.N. Dalvez is likely a boomer cuck, at least in spirit. Thats why he takes attacks on the chinks personally and feels a need to prance around marking his territory.

Though he cannot be put on the retard filter list, with the other VNN WN-retard chink apologists, his posts can be manually ignored.
Chinks are no different than kikes and niggers,
in that if you do not hate them,
you do not know them.
- Ancient Confucian Proverb

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