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Originally Posted by M.N. Dalvez View Post
How can you even call yourself an Aryan? Your insistence on focussing on Chinese and only Chinese is just retarded.

I'll tell you something, there's about a million times more to be worried about from people with US or Australian passports than there is from any Chinese.

You'd think, with all the time you spent talking shit about the issue, that you'd learn something. You can't even get accurate information and have to entirely rely on jew media, for one thing.

The problem there is that you're going into a gun fight with a feather pillow. You don't seem to get that, but it's true.

If all you can do is regurgitate jewy agitprop, you can't do a thing if it comes down to it.
Mr. Dalvez (that's a Mexican name isn't it? So, how can you call yourself an Aryan?) but you obviously don't understand the Chinese nor do you seem to understand the anti-white racialism of the Chinese.

But most of all, you don't seem to understand that America has more enemies than just the Jews or Muslims or Mexicans or Commies or wild Negros.

China and the Chinese are a direct threat and a subversive element.

While I greatly admire Chinese culture as well as the Chinese people, they are not our friends. China is a direct enemy which the Jews have promoted to high finance and world power.

VNN might promote anti-Jew and anti-Negro sentiments, but we have a whole lot more enemies and problems than just these two items.

For instance, the Mexicans, the Muslims, the queers, and the list goes on. With a chinkologist on board, you might learn something that you didn't know before. So, I advise "patience."