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Originally Posted by remnant View Post
Interesting stuff. I remember reading a post maybe on MR , long ago ,before the big run up last year- Bowery stating he did the coding for all the early active exchanges ( e.g. Mt Gox). Not really something to boast about since the functionality of all these exchanges was, and still is, horrific. I just recall thinking he must have been paid in BTC and should have made a large fortune if he didn't sell it all off along the way.

FWIW, I am looking to start buying BTC ~ 1500 .Expect prices in the 1000 -1200 range, ideally by this Summer. Looks like the next downleg to sub 3000 just started, I guess the ETH fork next week is the catalyst. Have to disagree about Gold; BTC and Gold are in direct competition for funds.They should not trade up or down together.
appreciate your comments. i hope you're right about the price, i'm getting into it this year, soon as i "process" a vast amount of work i got to get done.

i guess in theory BTC and gold compete. maybe once reserve currency shifts to BC, as keiser seems to think. but this will take a long time, and in the meantime gold is something more real than FRNs.