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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

exceptionally good Keiser report. if you're White, you need to understand this stuff. the key is, now is the time to be in gold and BitCoin. the real estate and stocks are going to crash before too long. then it will be time to buy - AFTER they crash, as in 2008.

the whole global economy is bullshit based on JEWS owning CENTRAL BANKS and PRINTING MONEY that is BONDS that are DEBT that has to be REPAID by WHITE TAXPAYERS but CANT BE. it's too much. so the bondholders will get screwed. so they are recognizing this and the smart countries are keeping debt in control and moving to GOLD themselves. what central banks are doing under jews is a ponzi scheme and there's no way to wind it down, it just ultimately results in the collapse of the currency to valuelessness. all paper money in time becomes worthless. dont get caught out.