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Default say what you mean,then follow up

I got beat from birth to the time I finely escaped,so I elected not to hit my kids and carry on the ignorant tradition I was placed in.

I learned early on to fight nonwhites and never developed the ideas of physically disciplining tiny children.

I figured that if I couldn't at least out smart my own kids, then I wasn't much of a parent,father,husband or white human being.

Today,my kids are in college and doing fine.Yes they still "try" me occasionally,as they always have done,but I've always viewed it as a challenge to my intellect rather than a resistance to my authority.

I don't regret NOT spanking them today,as they are very successful,happy,healthy people.

Read a few child physiology books,but don't take the crap too seriously; and learn to speak directly and honestly with your children.Actually doing what you promise, works wonders ,I've found.