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Originally Posted by Kind Lampshade Maker View Post
Intelligent questions. True, only East Germans are mentioned. Not Czechs, Poles, Magyars etc... The issue was televized accordingly, for an audience of already narrow-minded sheople.
It's all about us finding all the facts.
True. Something else came to mind - Germany became one right about then. Communism in Bulgaria fell in '89. It is very strange the story of Michael Weber wasn't made public back then. The excuse that his parents were intimidated by the regime doesn't hold water - the regime didn't exist anymore.

I'll look for info about the Bulgarian officials mentioned in the article.

From http://m.spiegel.de/article.do?id=563992:
"....The first case Appelius encountered, in the archives of Germany's Foreign Office, in a file titled "Deaths of GDR Citizens in Bulgaria," was that of Gunter Pschera, killed in 1967. The file contained Pschera's autopsy report and the information that he had been buried in Burgas, a city on the Black Sea coast...."

Now, that sounds believable. No way to find out if it's true, but it is plausible.


This guy also notices the strange obsession with Bulgaria as an escape route, when in fact it would be the most dangerous and the most round-about one.

I've heard it said that the Bulgarian-artificial Turkish border was watched both ways. In other words, invaders from the Turkish side were also not spared machinegun fire from Bulgarian border guards. Unfortunately, something no longer practiced.
The Bulgarian state regarded Turkey as our N1 strategic enemy. "Shoot on sight" was the way to go. Unfortunately, no more.

Cool stuff still happens though:



Turks residing in Germany, who run fruit & vegetable shops, are known for using the summer holidays for commuting to Turkey and to Turkish occupied European soil to bring back fresh products to sell in Germany. They are often road menaces, by causing numerous traffic fatalities, through their inability to drive vehicles like human beings can
They drive to Germany and back through here during the summer every year. It is very unpleasant.
back home.

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