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Originally Posted by Mike Parker View Post
Interesting idea, in that it would select for leaders with a certain perspective on life. But wouldn't there then need to be a guardian of guardians to ensure randomness? And so on?
No. There's no absolute guarantee against corruption. If one's not good enough, a thousand won't be either, as has been said in different contexts. Many of the problems of human life are not amenable to political solutions, I'll go that far with the conservatives. I don't agree with Acton, either, that power corrupts. That's like saying sports builds character. No. Power, like liquor or sports or anything else REVEALS character. Yeah I know John Wooden said that too, but I said it out of my own head before I heard that he said it, based on what I saw playing sports. Power has its temptations, like other things, but nothing unique to it.

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