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It is mentioned again during the civil wars, but was hardly applied during the empire, although a couple of instances are known, like the punishment of the Third legion Augusta (in the year 18). The latest recorded case of decimation is during the reign of Diocletian. It may have disappeared under influence of Christianity."


As the material shows, decimation was a punishment. That's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about a social ritual. The men sacrificed would be sacrificed not for anything they did, but as a sign, agree on by all, of the seriousness of our collective undertaking, and the need to behave correctly, especially at the highest levels. It would be a deliberate, painful, bloodletting, based on us knowing ourselves, and how shitty we are, and how far we have to go. Not negative. Not positive. Just necessary. Disturbing, but uplifting. Necessary. If you wanted to take it religiously, you could. Or not. But it would be a day for relecting on our collective mission, as opposed to our individual goals. What are we in this together for? What do we want to accomplish? What is my role, personally, in furthering it? It reinforces that we are one type. We not only are private independent individuals, we are part of something larger. And not some crappy church with a festering kike on a stick, dedicated to everything-with-a-face-is-my-equalism but WHITE-MAN-ism. We are men. And we are White. This is the day, the day of blood sacrifice, on which we recognize and rededicte ourselves to our Whiteness. We think about all it means to us, and our families, and our kind - and what we are part of what, what our collective mission is.