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Originally Posted by OTPTT View Post
No. It's not apples and oranges. He went out of his way to discuss a shell that no one would ever use for self-defense to kill the idea of using a .410 revolver for self-defense.

Who here shoots to blind someone using any caliber firearm? Really, who in their right mind shoots an attacker to blind him? That WILL get you murdered.

If your life is in imminent threat of bodily harm or death you shoot to kill. You don't shoot to blind or wound.
QFT. But litterally - there are some nutcases out there that think the first move in banning firearms - is to make them non-lethal via the munitions.

Yes, there are people out there that stupid - to shoot to bline or injure. They are just as stupid as the white liberals who go to Africa to "save the poor black people" and end up getting repeatedly raped and murdered - then probably raped again as a corpse.