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What's funny and ironic is that during WWII the Americans and Brits were in actuality much more responsible for the deaths of those 300,000 or so kikes that died from starvation, typhus and other diseases in German concentration camps than the Nazis were. This is because they were the ones who were bombing Germany into annihilation and thus were directly responsible for cutting off every means of transportation there was to be able to get food, medicine, clothes and other supplies to the camps.

If the kikes are to be mad at anyone for those deaths, they certainly shouldn't be mad at the Germans who were taking good care of them until that point, but instead at the Brit and Kwan murderers who relentlessly bombed Germany's infrastructure into oblivion. But of course that ever won't happen, because the holyhoax narrative blames the Germans and only the Germans for the death of every single Jew during WWII, whether factually true (which no more than 300k died) or the fake "6 million" BS.
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