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“Holocaust Survivor” Admits Story Was Lie, How Many More Are There?
June 25, 2016
by Eric Striker

About once a year, a new Nazi war criminal is brought to trial. The legal process that tries these men, usually in Germany itself, is tainted, as mounting a sound defense is from the get-go made unfeasible. Cross-examining witnesses is impossible, as pointing out inconsistencies in a Jew’s Holocaust story is illegal in Germany. To make matters worse, another strange pattern is emerging, with Jewish organizations and their prosecutors deciding that war criminals living freely under their own names in Germany since the end of 1945, suddenly, in their 90’s , must stand trial.

Reinhold Hanning.

Generally, the archetype of a contemporary “Holocaust trial” targets withering old men, often pushed into courtrooms in wheelchairs, where their lawyers instruct them to repeat the fantastic claims made by their Jewish accusers verbatim in order to garner leniency at the show trials. Last year’s victim was 95 year old Oskar Groening, who despite having a minor clerical role as Auschwitz’s bookkeeper, and having late-stage dementia, was convicted of murdering 300,000 Jews! Despite the old man attempting to recite the ridiculous and unsubstantiated claims of SS guards smashing Jewish babies against train cars, the court gave the man four years in prison–four years he will almost certainly not survive.

Holocaust denial laws aren’t just about stifling historical debate, their main intent is to intimidate Germans like Ursula Haverbeck who were also there into keeping quiet about what actually happened.

This year’s offering to keep the myth alive was Ernst T., 93 years old, who died before propaganda value could be extracted from his trial. In a scramble to fill the quota, they managed to dig up Reinhold Hanning, 94, who was convicted and sentenced to five years, again on flimsy, or basically no evidence (mostly incorrigible “testimony” from Jews). Reading between the lines of a statement made by the co-plaintiff, Leon Schwarzbaum, shows a rare instance of conscience in the Jew, perhaps feeling pity for putting an innocent man in jail to serve a Zionist political agenda, when simply reiterating their phrases would’ve been enough. Then again, this too may have just been an angle to protect Jews from moral criticism, as many people throughout the world feel a sense of quiet outrage when they read about putting sickly 90-something year old in the midst of these aggressive and politically charged kangaroo courts:

“I lost 35 family members; how can you apologize for that? I am not angry. I don’t want him to go to prison, but he should say more for the sake of the young generation today because the historical truth is important,”

“It is a just verdict, but he should say more, tell the truth for the young people,” Schwarzbaum, 95, told the AP. “He is an old man and probably won’t have to go to jail, but he should say what happened at Auschwitz. Auschwitz was like something the world has never seen.”
The real motive behind these trials isn’t about justice, it’s about the dearth of Germans–an entire generation–that lived through World War II, worked at the camps, had family members involved in the war effort, and yet rarely, if ever, corroborate the fairy tales about gas chambers and people being thrown into ovens. At the Nuremberg trials, the Germans tried were not just tortured into confessing, but the testimony that convicted the defendants was done via signed affidavits, IE, they were not granted the opportunity to face their accusers. And with good reason, historians Robert Faurisson and Arthur Butz have poured over these affidavits , where Jews made claims like SS officers boiling them to death, using Jewish skin for lampshades and gloves, killing Jews with improvised “pedal-driven brain bashing machines” , and other outrageous claims. Out of all these lies, the lampshade one has outlived the others in popular culture, and “survivors” into the 1980’s and 90’s would insist, with tears in their eyes, that they saw the Nazis turning their mother into a lampshade.

In recent years, the Yad Vashem in Israel was forced to admit that the lampshade and soap story was a hoax, and had the chutzpah to blame the Germans for the legend’s spread! Apparently the “survivors” have gotten the memo and updated the story, yet even Yad Vashem itself appears to continue to promote what it admitted was a Big Lie on its website . There were cases of abuses of course, but it wasn’t anything remarkable for a war of this magnitude, and the Germans conducted themselves in an exemplary and honorable fashion compared to the Allies. American soldiers even raped and killed French civilians–their own allies. To see German order and ethic, see the trial and execution of Karl Koch, the SS commander of Buchenwald, who was convicted by SS courts for overstepping his boundaries in executing prisoners. Amon Goeth, made infamous by Steven Spielberg’s Schindler List, was tried for stealing Jewish property and purposely limiting their rations–a violation of the SS code of conduct forbidding cruel and unusual punishment. He was convicted and declared mentally deranged, and was found by the American military in a Bad Tolz insane asylum. Compare this to Israel, where men like Baruch Goldstein, who murdered 29 defenseless Palestinians in a Mosque as they prayed, are commemorated with statues and monuments.

I have always believed, unlike others who have taken dissident views on the Holocaust, that the survivors who tell these stories are simply psychopathic liars. Revisionists in the past have tried to say that the scientifically improbable claims of the 6,000,000 hoax were deeply felt by Jewish camp inmates, but were the product of hallucinations during the late-war famine , or from typhus exposure. I on the other hand, think they’re simply lying, and the money, attention and political capital they get keeps their “memories” well-jogged for the cameras.

According to Holocaust lore, Gypsies, Poles, Russians, Leftists, and German dissidents were all gassed besides Jews in these camps, but how common is it for non-Jews to tell make assertions about people dying in gas chambers, outside of the compelling circumstances Reinhold Hanning and Oskar Groening were put in?

Either Germans and non-Jews who were there are covering up the alleged atrocity, or Jews are lying. The US Holocaust Memorial Museum claims that 500,000 Roma and Sinitis were gassed, yet, they seem unable to even find a Gypsy they can pay to serve as an alibi to the gas chamber story, much an actual witness. If you still think the Holocaust is true, go and familiarize with a group of Jews and a group of Germans, and the answer to the question is easy. Even Gypsies think this is too brazen of a racket!

Joseph Hirt Confesses

Recently, Joseph Hirt has admitted that he made up his entire story of surviving and escaping Auschwitz. For whatever reason, he decided to come forward with the truth after years of telling his tale of escape and sacrifice at schools, to the media, and everywhere kind-hearted rubes are willing to listen. Were it not for him saying so, we would’ve never known the truth.

Here is an interview Hirt did prior to admitting he was a liar. Look at the conviction, look at the carefully crafted theatrics mimicking genuine memory recollection, look at the subtle tear drops in his eyes at the end. This man is a psychopath. How many innocent men were hung, tortured and imprisoned based on nothing but the word of psychopaths like Hirt? This is the real tragedy of the 20th century.