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John Adams
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The so called ovens at the camps are to small to have handled the amount of corpses. The amount of fuel needed to cremate the bodies far exceeded Germanys capabilities to produce. Like most Aussies I am not NS. I question the hoax due to the simple facts that
A If theses were death camps, why are there so many survivors?
B Why does the amont of dead in the Red Cross records differ so widly from the bullshit taught to us by the media?
C why has the amount of dead at Auschwitz dropped yet the magical 6 million number remain the same, if they did not die at Auschwitz then where did they die ?
D where did the Germans get hold of the real amount of fuel needed to cremate the dead.. Where was the fuel stored as none of the camps show rooms large enough to contain the huge amount of coal/coke needed to cremate bodies