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Reaction to book debunking Holocaust deniers drives TV plans

August 18, 2016

Reaction to book debunking Holocaust deniers drives plans for TV series

Global reaction to a new release book by New Zealand writing and filmmaking team Lance and James Morcan has prompted them to adapt their book for a television documentary series and put it into development with their production company Morcan Motion Pictures.

The book, appropriately titled “DEBUNKING HOLOCAUST DENIAL THEORIES: Two Non- Jews Affirm the Historicity of the Nazi Genocide”, was written in close consultation with Holocaust survivors and includes a foreword by survivor Hetty E. Verolme. Published by Sterling Gate Books, it has predictably attracted the wrath of Holocaust deniers.

High profile denier Carlo Mattogno, author of numerous books championing Holocaust denialism, went so far as to publish “Fail: ‘Debunking Holocaust Denial Theories’: How James and Lance Morcan Botched Their Attempt to Affirm the Historicity of the Nazi Genocide” – a book with an identical cover image to the Morcans’ book.

For reasons known only to itself, Amazon has chosen to display the paperback versions of the two competing books side by side, offering purchasers a package price and advising readers the books are “frequently bought together”. Such aggressive marketing has drawn the attention of Holocaust deniers to both books and to their conflicting themes.

Reader response to their book has prompted the Morcans to put it into early development as a TV documentary series with their film production company.

“Debunking Holocaust denial Theories” meticulously verifies the historical facts of the Nazi genocide, discrediting the various arguments deniers use to undermine the historicity of those events. It also includes an overview of Jewish history and the shameful history of anti-Semitism, drawing parallels with disturbing events of today – events, the Morcans claim, show that the lessons of the past have not necessarily been learned.

It’s this that has encouraged them to fast-track their plans to bring their book to the small screen. They envisage six one-hour episodes, covering all 10 chapters of the book, and they have already begun approaching potential funders.

The Amazon link to “Debunking Holocaust Denial Theories” is:
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