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Originally Posted by Joe from OH View Post
Dr. Norman Spack jewdar exploded looking at these pics.
Here's an article about this despicable jew doctor:

We can do wonders if we get them early’: young twin boy undergoes sex change into ‘Nicole’

Endocrinologist Norman Spack, co-founder of the Gender Management Services Clinic at Children’s Hospital in Boston, began blocking Wyatt’s development at age 11 to ensure no masculine features arose. When children are still young, he noted, gender perception is more pliable: “I bet I could go to any fourth or fifth-grade class, cut the hair of the boys, put earrings on various kids, change their clothing, and we could send all those kids off to the opposite-gender bathrooms and nobody would say boo.’’ “We can do wonders if we can get them early,” he said.

"We can do wonders if we can get them early..."

That's the jewish agenda right there, folks.