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We are a true Nationalist Patriot organization that want to preserve our heritage,culture and traditional values by reforms to reflect our true Canadian core identity. A moratorium on all immigration,stopping third world immigration,a new immigration policy for a return to Canada's traditional ethnic demographics of Euro-Canadian pioneer settlers and Natives. Real equal rights,eliminating affirmative action,discrimination against Euro-Canadians and an end to minority group special privileges.

How will this be done?

We will amend the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and amend the Multiculturalism act that were enacted without our consent or consultation by known Communist Pierre Trudeau in 1971 that does not reflect Canadian core identity, values or heritage.

We embrace multiculturalism and the diversity of Old Stock Euro-Canadian pioneer settler peoples, Indo-Europeans are the most diverse race on earth with many different physical traits such as skin tones, eye colours, hair colours, diverse cultures,ethnicities and languages. First was the French then English, Scottish and Irish in the beginning that pioneered and settled New France then Canadian confederation. With a smaller number of other Indo-European settlers during this time that were settler pioneers after that then after both World Wars there came European immigrants like the Danish, German, Dutch, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Croatian, Serbian, Italian, Greek, Spanish and Portuguese etc. that are the same race and share similar values, traditions cultures.

The Multiculturalism Act, Our Immigration and language policies should reflect that history, heritage only because Europeans pioneered and settled Canada we are not immigrants, there is a big difference, later on on in our recent history the only immigrants were a small number of Asians like the Chinese on the west coast that made contributions to our railroads and some black people on the east coast we saved from slavery.

Non-European immigration and immigrants is a new thing and policy since the 1970's and 80's increasing ever since and not part of our original heritage and history, people are fed lies and have changed our history trying to destroy our true past and values to replace our population and destroy our heritage and culture with Cultural Marxist agendas that began with the Communist Pierre Trudeau and expedited further by his Communist son Jihadi Justin Trudeau.

Parts of the Charter of Rights and Multiculturalism Act contradict facts and everything Canada stands for how this country was built, creating institutional racism against Euro-Canadian pioneer settler people's in our constitution and laws forcing government institutions and education to create hatred and self loathing or Euro-Canadians by forced indoctrination and stifling the rights and freedoms of Euro-Canadians and giving minority groups special privileges above us . In reality we do not have equal rights or freedoms in Canada if your Euro-Canadian. We are excluded from employment opportunities in government, military, police etc based on racist hiring practices that prefer race over qualifications that is real institutional racism. Minority groups cannot be criticized in any way eliminating our freedom of speech but minorities can criticize us with impunity willfully promoting hatred against us with racial slurs and lies, calling us Nazis, White Supremacists etc.

Then other special privileges given to minorities circumvent our laws and policies while Euro-Canadians are not allowed to criticize these privileges. They removed prayer from public schools but have mosque prayer times in schools, negating safety Sikhs do not have to wear helmets on motorcycles, snowmobiles etc, Sikhs can carry a Kurpan in courthouses that is a dagger that they use in tribal wars against others citing religious freedom just to name a few examples.

Equality and freedom do not exist in Canada if you are Euro-Canadian that is a myth and we will not stand idly by and allow this to go on any longer and the silent majority agree but many do not speak out for fear of retribution or being ostracized in this culture of fear created against us mostly by our own people that are brainwashed and indoctrinated by the system not realizing what they are doing and propagated by lies and not facts.
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