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Ron Doggett
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I handed out 50 TAA#3-A at the Dixie Classic Gun Show in Richmond, VA in only 12 min. today. Business was brisk as I stood outside at the exit of the parking lot with a sign that read FREE PRO-WHITE NEWSPAPER. I only lasted that long because the local police came and said I was on private property, which turns out I was, unknown to me at the time and the owner had ask I be removed. I have no doubts I could have gotten out a few hundred before they closed, people were honking there horns and waving me to give them a VNN paper. The policeman was very nice, he asked for my ID which I gave and a paper which I gave him as well. Quick note though, he asked if I had put any of these in mail or paper boxes in the west end of the county which I responded no I haven't and wouldn't, as a reminder to all distributers don't put them in mail or paper boxes.