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May I just say how impressed I am, more and more, by this effort surrounding TAA newspaper. Yes, it can improve graphically (?) and I hope it will but it reminds me of similar things that might happen here.
First it is so good to see people be inspired by a forum to actually do something more than just typing. That is important. But also what could happen here is that TAA become the major paper for resistance in USA and best of all it does not seem to matter what organisation you are part of. You can still distribute as the message is relevant to all whether Klan or NSM or skin.
One German model is to adopt a comrade society/Kameradenschaft system where you have common ideas but no definite leadership structure to avoid state penetration. Small and active local groups who come and work together in this case to distribute a newspaper spreading the important message.
It looks like something is actually happening because of this in USA and the reports fill our hearts with joy!