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Originally Posted by Ron Doggett
I handed out 50 TAA#3-A at the Dixie Classic Gun Show in Richmond, VA in only 12 min. today. Business was brisk as I stood outside at the exit of the parking lot with a sign that read FREE PRO-WHITE NEWSPAPER. I only lasted that long because the local police came and said I was on private property, which turns out I was, unknown to me at the time and the owner had ask I be removed. I have no doubts I could have gotten out a few hundred before they closed, people were honking there horns and waving me to give them a VNN paper. The policeman was very nice, he asked for my ID which I gave and a paper which I gave him as well. Quick note though, he asked if I had put any of these in mail or paper boxes in the west end of the county which I responded no I haven't and wouldn't, as a reminder to all distributers don't put them in mail or paper boxes.
Publicly passing out WN literature is something you've done hundreds of times, Ron. Some here are surprised and also inspired by your courage, but there's no surprise in me. Just another day at the office, for White Patriot Ron Doggett of old Virginny - a 20-plus year ACTIVIST veteran, with a capital "A".
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